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12 Dog Novice Retriever Trial

27th September.

12 Dog Novice Retriever Trial.

Venue : Riverside, Sedbury, Chepstow.

Date :  25th September 2017.

Host : Mr. Colin Markey.

Sponsor : Cambrian Pet Food Ltd.

Judges : M. Larkin, G. Caldwell, B. Williams, K. Lewis.

Trophy : Roland Walker Perpetual Trophy.

We returned to Riverside for our first retriever trial of the season and the weather proved to

be very fair but overcast. Scenting seemed to be fair to the early running dogs. As usual, Colin

Markey provided a first class welcome, and was an exceptional host. Colin and his team of guns

shot brilliantly and made the trial, with some very testing retrieves for competing dogs.

On my first visit to Riverside this year the cover crop was excellent, although challenging, and the

game supply was in abundance, as usual.

Our team of judges were A Panel – Mike Larkin, B Panel – Glenys Caldwell supported by our two non

panel judges, Kevin Lewis and Barney Williams. The Society are indebted to all four judges for giving up

their time and allowing each dog and handler ample opportunity to work well, at times, in difficult conditions.

The winner, Mr Phil Highfield’s Mistigris Finn of Featherfly, showed maturity well beyond his age and was a worthy winner.

The full result is shown below.


K.C. Reg – AS02542705

Name – Mistigris Finn of Featherfly. D

DOB – 26.06.15

Sire – F.T.Ch. Lavenghyl Bee of Featherfly

Dam – Astrageln Bebe at Mistigris

Breeder – Mr & Mrs Gent

Owner – P. Highfield

Handler – P. Highfield


K.C. Reg – AS02158303

Name – Amancio Tirpitz of Flypatch. D

DOB – 01.06.15

Sire – F.T.Ch. Flypatch Alfa

Dam – Amancio Swift

Breeder – P. K. Down

Owner – T. Brain

Handler – T. Brain


K.C. Reg – AS02924205

Name – Morayglen Skye of Brakenbird. B

DOB – 04.08.15

Sire – F.T.Ch. Jobeshill Ragnar of Flypatch

Dam – Morayglen Maggie of Oakshot

Breeder – J. Munro

Owner – S. Elliott

Handler – S. Elliott

Winner Novice Ret (600 x 991)

Winner of the day

Novice Ret (600 x 330)

Judges and winners

Winners Novice Ret (600 x 330)

Winners of the day


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