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24 Dog Open Retriever Trial

Venue Sweet Lamb    
Date 11th & 12th October 2019    
Host Mr A. Price    
Judges Mr J. Bettinson, Mr M. Bettinson, Mrs D. Stevens, Mr M. Larkin    
Stewart Of The Beat Caroline Williams    
Sponsor Gelert Country Choice Ltd    
Gun Captain Mr Barry John Lewis 

1. Louie Robertson
Qualifying her second dog for the championship.
2. Steve Richardson
Having his third B and also qualifying him for the championship.
3. Norman Onens.
4. Leigh Jackson
Com s
Reuben Mort
Tim Brain
Keith Barnes
Jayne Coley
Sharon Dingle

The first day commenced in white grass but the weather was really against us. It was raining torrentially and the wind was gusting to a point of almost blowing us over. There was a point we could have lost the trial it was so bad. Late morning the keepers managed to get us into some nice game assisted ably by the judges Jamie Bettinson, Mark Bettinson Diana Stevens
And Mike Larkin.
Due to the difficult conditions day one finished leaving 17 dogs going through to the second day.
A couple of dogs were carrying some credit with some nice work but others enjoyed some good work which kept them in the trial.
Day 2. The weather was much improved and we were ably assisted with the under keeper providing us with regular birds as we walked up. We lost a few dogs early but there were 12 dogs still in the hunt with the third round coming to the end.
We were treated to some high ducks which were being picked nicely.
As the third round was coming to an end 5 dogs needed their last retrieves and 4 birds were picked in quick succession. Dogs were sent to the area and did some superb work but it was Louie Robertson’s bitch that also did some lovely work and managed to pick behind three others.
There was a final drive of ducks and 10 dogs were left to sit through. We lost one more dog here that didn’t quite hit the area on its last retrieve.
The other nine dogs picked some long birds in difficult ground and into a strong breeze.
A number of dogs were smart and made light work of the retrieves and this included The winning dog who picked her birds with some smart work. And that was when the trial was called over.
We’d like to thank Gelert country choice for the sponsorship as always.

Winners of the day

All the winners and Judges
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