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24 Dog Open Retriever Trial

3rd November

24 Dog Open Retriever Trial
Venue New Farm, Norton
Date 27th & 28th October 2017
Host Mr & Mrs Norman Onens
Main Sponsor Cambrian Pet Food Ltd
Judges J. Rainey, K. Bellamy, S. Suzuki, M. Allen
Trophy Glofa Gundogs Challenge Trophy
Guns  ‘The Valley Commandos’ lead by Mr Paul Mounce

We returned to New Farm for our Two Day Open Qualifier retriever trial  and the weather proved to be very dry and  sunny on the first day with a cold wind and  more overcast conditions on the second day. Scenting seemed to be good on both days and there was an abundance of game. As usual, Sandra and Norman Onens provided a first class welcome, and were  exceptional hosts. This year, as has now become tradition, the  team of guns – Paul Mounce and the Valley Commandos, shot brilliantly over the two days and made the trial, with some very testing retrieves for competing dogs.  The ground and  cover crop was excellent, although challenging, and the game supply was in abundance, as usual.

Our team of judges were A Panel – Judy Rainey and Keith Bellamy, B Panel – Sheila Suzuki and Mike Allen. The Society are indebted to all four judges for giving up their time and allowing each dog and handler ample opportunity to work well, at times, in difficult conditions.

The quality of the dog work was exceptional over the two days which is reflect in the fact that 9 dogs and handlers made it through to the run off, with a total of 8 awards being handed out at the conclusion of the stake.

The winner, Mr David Ross, with Marvelous Mossey, made his dog up to a Field Trial Champion, in addition to qualifying for the I.G.L. Retriever Championship at Hy Fly in December.

The full result is shown below


K.C. Reg – 4014DB

Name – Marvelous Mossey. D

DOB – 03.03.12

Sire –Trim Winston

Dam – Blessed Heidi

Breeder – Mr R. Berrisford

Owner – D. Ross

Handler – D. Ross


K.C. Reg – AM04957405

Name – Cynhinfa Ladislav. D

DOB – 09.12.11

Sire – F.T.Ch. Mediterranean Blue

Dam – Cynhinfa Hannie

Breeder – Mr E.R. Jones

Owner – J. Bettinson

Handler – J. Bettinson


K.C. Reg – 4432CZ

Name – Willowyck Tank from Streamcombe. D

DOB – 14.01.13

Sire – F.T.Ch. Jagdens Gander

Dam – Delfleet Satin

Breeder – Mrs. T. Lawrence

Owner – J. Kelvie

Handler – J. Kelvie


K.C. Reg – 2496CW

Name – F. T. Ch. Flypatch Alfa. D

DOB – 09.02.10

Sire – F. T. Ch. Jobeshill Ragnar of Flypatch

Dam – Cottared Piccolo

Breeder – Mr T. Brain

Owner – T. Brain

Handler – T. Brain


K.C. Reg – 3953DB

Name – Fendawood Ecclestone at Delfryd. D

DOB – 22.09.14

Sire – Lesser Burdock Abbotstone

Dam – Ragweed’s Ready

Breeder – Mr. D. Latham

Owner – D. S. A. Rees

Handler – D. S. A. Rees


K.C. Reg – 3021DB

Name – Olivestone Tutti Fruity. B

DOB – 27.04.14

Sire – F.T.Ch. Waterford Ganton

Dam – Olivertash Mavis

Breeder – Mrs. K. Pinker

Owner – S. Newitt

Handler – S. Newitt


K.C. Reg – 2675CX

Name – Stauntonvale Fastnet . B

DOB – 08.03.11

Sire – F.T.Ch. East dale Harry

Dam – F. T. Ch. Jobeshill Lotta of Stauntonvale

Breeder – Mrs. L. Hill

Owner – D. Hill

Handler – L. Hill


K.C. Reg – 3895CY

Name – Stykes Boy Llangynidr. D

DOB – 27.05.12

Sire – F.T.Ch. White smiths Widgeon

Dam – Slipside Daisy

Breeder – Mrs. P. Davis

Owner – H. Willmott

Handler – H. Willmott

99999999999999999999999 (600 x 714)

Winner of the day

6666666666666666 (600 x 317)

Winners of the day

8888888888888888888 (600 x 246)

 Winners and Judges

 4444444444444444 (600 x 364)

 ‘The Valley Commandos’ lead by Mr Paul Mounce





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